Give a quid to save a kid

Its almost Christmas. Could you spare just £1 to help UNICEF this Christmas??
Please donate to my justgiving page at
and lets see how many people get into the Christmas spirit. Good will and all that!
Peace and love to all .

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see how UNICEF help children with YOUR money

Above is the link to a video created on my Sahara trek last November 2010. I really enjoyed all of the trek.  Please watch and see how your money helps children of the world. Please help me help the children of Namibia and support my upcoming trek. Give a quid to save a kid. Just a quid…. imagine what that could do….

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A message to my hero @Alyssa_Milano via Twitter.

This tweet i sent to Alyssa Milano, my heroine who inspires me everyday to help others. Take a read and see if you can help me acheive  my target. Give a quid to save a kid. 🙂 Thanks for reading.

 @Alyssa_Milano hi! Forgive me for the huge tweet but i need some help and was hoping you’d lend me your voice.
As you know, last year i trekked the Sahara for UNICEF to help children in Morocco. You know, it was amazing! Beautiful, picturesque, difficult! But I did it! I survived 8 days walking the Sahara. I bet you’d think i am proud?
Well i wish i could show it. See, the people that matter most didn’t support me or what i was doing. You know when i told my mom i wanted to help change the lives of children in the world, do you know what she said? She said, why bother, nothing you do will make a difference.
Nice huh? to get support from your family.
But as hurt and upset as i was not to get support from my own family, my ‘Twitter’ family fully supported what i was doing & gave me the inspiration and encouragement to follow my dreams. So why should i bother mom? Beacause helping the less fortunate IS my dream.
You, Alyssa have taught me to be myself & that i can do anything, & throughout the whole trek, all i was thinking was, just how proud my twitter family would be. How proud Alyssa would be.
Even now around my family, i feel like it is a crime to talk about what i did to support UNICEF. My family don’t understand how important it was to me or the children i was helping. I cannot celebrate what i acheived. Man, i trekked the Sahara desert for 8 days and survived!! I was the youngest on the trek and i did it!!
But that doesn’t matter. Its already forgotten about.
You know how upsetting it was when we all arrived back to London and all the other participants had family meet them to congratulate them. Me… I had not one single person come to meet me. But me being me, i’m very good at hiding my disappointment now, i made my way home alone, hiding the happiness and proudness of what i had just acheived. The whole train journey i was thinking, i cannot wait to share my pictures with Alyssa and the rest of my Twitter family. I arrived home, hoping deep down that my family might take an interest in what i had just done. The empty house i discovered when i arrived home said it all…
But i knew inside my heart what i had done. How happy i was. How proud i felt when i crossed the finishing line… My family still haven’t even viewed the photos of my trip… I’m not looking for sympathy, i have accepted me and my family will never be that close.

I often reminise a quote i once saw u tweet, One people. one plantet. One love.
I believe it is upto our generation to help change the world and despite the negativity i am surrounded by, i refuse to give up.
So this year, i have decided to tackle the Namibian desert, this time for children with HIV/AIDS.
And i was wandering if i could get just a teeny bit of support? Who better to ask than a UNICEF ambassador who has, like me, seen the work UNICEF do first hand and know how importnat it is for children to have rights. Who better to ask than a women who inspires me everyday to follow my dreams and makes me get up every morning ready to help someone i may encounter that day? Who better to ask than someone i class as a friend (if that’s ok!)who does all she can just to put a smile on somebody’s face.

I was hoping i could maybe borrow your voice and Retweeting skills! I have set myself a target of £5000 and with your help i know i could beat it.
Would you mind RT’ing my fundraising page/blog throughout the month?
I want to test the power of the twitterverse. Twitter has always been there in my hours of need, to smile and to get encouragement. There’s nothing quite like it, i’m sure you will agree?
I have a signed Safe at Home book from yourself (courtesy of Kelly Kall) to give away. All those that donate will be out into a draw.

Alyssa thank you for being my continued inspiration and for all you do. If i could do just a fraction of what you have done to help those in need, i would be happy. 🙂

My blog:
My fundraising page:

If you have reached the end of this, Alyssa and whoever else may be reading this, Thank you and please spread the word.
Together we can make a difference.

Love and hugs
Emma Clifford. 23

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My Windowsill.

This poem is one of my favourites. Please read and spare a thought for all those out there that experience this kind of life. And please keep donating to help me reach my target. Togther, we can make a difference.

Before i go to sleep i sit on the windowsill; I like the friendly dark when the world is quiet and still. I pull the curtains round me and look out at the sky; I watch the stars come out and the moon go sailing by.

This is my special time, just before i go to bed, A dreaming time, a time to make up stories in my head. This is my special place, my window to the sky, In the peaceful, friendly dark while the moon sails by.

Other children’s windowsills have guns and bombs outside; The children cannot dream and play; instead they cry and hide; And the night-time is not peaceful and smoke blots out the sky, In the noisy fearsome dark when the tanks go rolling by.

Tonight i’ll make these wishes when i look out at the moon: That all the guns and all the bombs will stop forever soon; That all the other children, wherever they may be, can sit and dream and watch the ski in safety, just like me.


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Give a quid to save a kid

Its 01/01/11 The FIRST day of a new year. Will you be the FIRST person to give a quid to save a kid? Please help me on my way to reaching my target for children affected by HIV/AIDS in Namibia, Africa.

If you need reason to help another, take a look at the photo i posted. Could you imagine that little boy being yours? Just £1 can help him on his way. Thats the price of a coffee. ONE coffee… can you give up one of your luxuries just for ONE day to help ONE child live a normal, healthy life?

Please support my Namibian desert trek and give just ONE pound at

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This is the year… Time to start change

We all have hands, we all have feet and we all have the RIGHT to a healthy childhood

Just take a look at Isaja…

Just £1 could help him and millions of other children on his way to a healthy, happy childhood they deserve. When i feel like giving up, i take a look at this photo and it reminds me, if we don’t act now, we will never change the world. Together we can make a difference.

Please support my Namibian desert trek and give a quid to save a kid. Remember we are all humans beings, we all have hands, we all have feet, we all deserve the best start in life.  please visit now and pledge just £1. Help me , help Isaja and millions like him.

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